Why is The Contegro Web Content Management System (CMS) the Smart Choice for your Business?

Whether you’re a website designer looking for a good CMS for your website projects, or you’re a website manager/owner frustrated with the usability your current site gives you, Contegro will give you that winning edge.

Overview VideoWhy? – There are many reasons, but those that come to mind include the fact that Contegro:

  • Enables the designs you envision to become design realities, reflecting precisely the visual messages you wish to portray
  • Gives your site the flexibility to include all the functionality you want of it – both now and in the future as your requirements change 
  • Is so easy to manage that it actively encourages you to maintain and improve the site – keeping it up to date, engaging and above all efficient.
  • Means that the website’s life span is dramatically increased – thereby increasing long term ROI significantly.

Designed from the outset to be a web tool for the non technical, Contegro has been wowing website designers and website owners for over 5 years. Version 4 takes all the best points of the previous versions and adds to them what can only be summed up in two words ‘Smart Usability’.

What is Smart about Contegro Version 4?

‘Usability, ease of use, simplicity!’ – however you want to describe it, Contegro gives you powerful website control in such a smart yet simplistic way that it actually encourages you to push the boundaries with what you thought you could achieve with your website.

There’s so much technology out there – it’s hard to be on top of it all - after all, does it matter if you don’t master your mobile phone and all of its features? Probably not. However, not getting the best from your website is, VITAL – the cost of not doing so will be lost business opportunities!

Editing FeaturesVersion 4 brings you a level of control unknown on other content management systems. Who else gives you?

  • Desktop interface - Familiar and intuitive look and feel
  • Shortcuts - Decktop icons access key Contegro areas quickly
  • Central page editing - Update page text and images, attributes, search engine optimisation fields, revisions, and publishing dates in the same window
  • Drag and drop capability - Easy to understand and manipulate Site tree functions
  • Right mouse click - Clever functionality throughout
  • Automatic 301 URL Redirects - Make changing site navigation a breeze
  • Multi-task editing - Simultaneous management using minimisable windows, such as; editing text, uploading images and documents, and managing member access
  • Workflow - Smart and easy to use allows users of different permission levels either site specific or site wide levels of access

We could talk about this in more detail, but why not see for yourself?

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