Empowering designers, not developers,
to define the possibilities in website creativity

In Contegro, design-focused companies have a Website Content
Management System that opens the door to bigger business opportunities.

The idea is simple. Portfolio Subway

Contegro removes the developer, their costs and time constraints, and leaves designers sole power to plan and implement large, ambitious and highly-functional websites.


It's now possible to tackle those big-scale projects that were once out of reach.

Our research has shown that with website requirements increasing the developer is becoming more onerous on the website project and the on-going upkeep of the website than ever before, which in turn is putting more pressure on the design focused companies that want to stick to their core competency of design and marketing.

CurrentOpportunities.gifBy becoming a Contegro Design Partner, you’ll have a smart Content Management System that enables to you deliver exceptional results for your customers. With the developer out of the picture, any change in design, or structure is achieved without fuss.

Think bigger - achieve greater profit and discover smart hassle-free websites delivered on time and on budget.

No More Development Hassles.
Say goodbye to expensive development contracts and bring projects back on time and on budget.

Trouble-free website maintenance and management.
Contegro uses the same underlying code on every site so updating multiple client sites is uniform and easy. You can also manage all websites in one central location. The Contegro platform is continually evolving to also ensure future-proofing.

Greater Conversion Rates.
Clients will find your ability to turn even high-functioning solutions around faster and more effectively than others a huge selling point. When pitching for large projects where Website Content Management is an important consideration, Contegro’s level of control, functionality and easy web-style interface will give you the upper hand. 

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Building your website with Contegro

The leading functionality offered by Contegro makes it the ideal solution for corporates and international brands with sizeable websites. Almost any project is possible. Simply talk to your Design Agency about Contegro, and then choose from either our Hosted solution (for medium sized organisations) or our Enterprise Solution.