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Contegro Version 4.2 Released

The main focus for the release of version 4.2 has been around the support of Mega Menus and the enhanced management of Website Addresses... Read More

Contegro Savings Calculator

Contegro has the potential to save you thousands every year by removing the need to outsource the technical aspects of the project.

Retain control - deliver websites on time and on budget!

Project Savings Calculator

Pricing Tier
Total Annual Cost of the Developer
Total Annual Cost for Contegro
Annual Cost Saving as a Contegro Partner

The Cost Savings Calculator formulates a comparison between your estimated annual costs when working with a developer, versus using Contegro as your Website CMS of choice. Because Contegro removes the technical aspect of the website project and therefore the developer - there are substantial cost savings as well as the benefit of enabling you to retain complete control in-house.

How to use the Calculator:

  1. Work out the average number of websites you complete each month and enter this figure (or use the slider) in the first box.
  2. Enter the average price of your website project in the second box.
  3. Work out the average amount you spend per project on a 3rd party or internal developer then enter this figure in the third box.
  4. Select your preferred Contegro Server License Pricing Tier based on the modules you require. 
  5. The calculator will show how much the development work is costing you in total each year versus the annual cost of Contegro. The result is the cost savings / additional cost you would achieve as a Contegro partner.

The money you save on development costs is just one of the benefits of becoming a Contegro Partner. When you combine this with Contegro's smart interface and the ease of use for your clients, you will have a world leading partnership that will give you the confidence to tackle larger and more profitable website projects.

Other areas where you will save:

The cost savings accumulated in the first year are based on website build projects. As a Contegro Partner you can also expect to achieve savings and grow your revenue from:

  • Add-on Module Sales - All Contegro Add-on Modules are included at No Charge as part of the Server License model. You can upsell the client with the sale of Add-on modules during or upon completion of the project as part of your ongoing service.
  • Reduced Time on Website Builds - Contegro streamlines the website project by removing the development component from the website build. This provides efficiencies around reduced effort in project management and User Acceptance Testing (UAT).
  • Ongoing Support - Not only is the developer removed from the initial website build, but from the ongoing support and maintence of the website, which means these services can be provided in-house by non-technical resources providing an effective revenue stream for ongoing support services.


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