Introducing the Designers

Created for the designer, Contegro removes the developer, their costs and their time constraints from the Web CMS project. Empowering the designer to complete highly-functional websites in-house. No coding expertise required!

Contegro Training Studio

Are you a North American Design Agency managing web projects between $10K-100K?

Do you want to:

  1. Complete large scale web projects with ease?
  2. Increase your profits and business capabilities?

Find out how becoming a Contegro partner will remove the complexity, and the hassle generally associated with larger web CMS projects.

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Additional Information for Designers

Why become a Contegro Partner

Extend your digital offering with a world leading Website CMS. Giving you the leading advantage over your competitors... [More]

Server vs. Enterprise License

Use the flexibility of the Service License for your general projects and the Enterprise License when complete ownership is required.... [More]

Contegro Cost Savings Calculator

Use our Contegro Cost Savings Calculator to work our your Return on Investment & Annual Cost Savings when becoming a Contegro Partner... [More]

Why did Roark in Texas choose Contegro as their CMS?

Why did Roark in Texas choose Contegro as their CMS?

As a design company, our focus is on designing world class websites and we needed a CMS that could deliver on that same level... [More]

How FRED builds client relationships using Contegro

How FRED builds client relationships using Contegro

Contegro’s exceptional functionality and ease of use make it an easy choice for us and our clients. This is regularly reinforced by positive feedback... [More]