The search is on for a Master Contegro Agent for the UK

Do you have what it takes to be a Contegro Master Agent? 

To see if you are the right fit, read through the following 'job description' of what we expect will enable you to bring new Contegro Partners (not clients) on board.

1 Finding Contegro Partners

Design Agencies and other businesses that focus on great design are ideal Contegro partners - especially if they are handling web site projects over $10,000 and are not welded to the idea of needing a lot of software development resource to bring sites to life.

Our Master Agent will have an existing network of business relationships with this type of company. They will also need;

  1. The resources to communicate locally with these potential Contegro Partners and pass on the great story of what it means to be a Contegro Partner
  2. The ability to be able to lead a live demonstration of the product for potential partners who have already used our tools to gain an understanding and want to hear the rest of the story.
  3. To be able to present and discuss the business case for Contegro Partners, including the pricing and economics of the relationships.
  4. To be genuinely interested in creating and sustaining excellent long term relationships with Contegro partners in their territory.

2 Preparing Contegro Partners

The faster a partner comes up to speed with our product the better their business performance. Our Master Agent will provide local training for new Contegro Partners. There are already some excellent training tools available ( – but some people prefer the direct approach for receiving knowledge.

3 Supporting Contegro Partners

Once on board, our Contegro Partners like to have access to great support and we like to provide it (even though it is rarely needed). Our Master Agent will provide this additional local support and will need;

  1. Familiarity with web site CMS concepts
  2. The ability to learn about Contegro from the source (that’s right we train you)
  3. CSS and HTML skills to provide design integration support for those partners starting out or just so busy they need the overflow.
  4. There is also an opportunity for our Master Agent to provide some custom development alongside the Contegro platform – integration work for example – if you choose.

4 Growing Contegro Partners

We have consistently found that as Contegro Partners become familiar with Contegro and its magical powers they inevitably begin to increase the value of the projects they are working on. Understanding how to plan for and manage this growth is important and helping with this is a key role for our Master Agent who will provide the guidance, advice and most importantly the support needed.

Contegro loves to understand and be in touch with the markets where it is doing business – the Master Agent is a vital link in this.

5 Becoming a Master Agent

You will need to have a very good grasp of the local design industry and be well networked into it. You probably love design driven web development and might like to have some fun with us growing the market for Contegro. If you are still reading this, then carry on and get in touch with us, we would love to hear from you. 

 Become a Contegro Partner