Additional Services

We aim to make working with Contegro as easy as possible for our Partners and their clients. In addition to providing support for the implementation of Contegro – we offer supplementary services to help our Partners streamline the delivery of a website, and ensure hassle-free completion of every project.

Here are the additional services that we provide:

Design Integration.

Design Integration (incorporating your website design) is the only technical process required when using Contegro. If your in-house designers have basic HTML and CSS skills to convert your PSD files (website design) – it can be done with ease. However for our Partners that don’t have expertise readily available, we can provide these services at a very cost-effective rate.

Content Loading.

Loading content is simple with Contegro, but if your team is too busy to upload your content, we can help. We can put together a set cost for loading all of your website content based on the number of pages and functionality. Just leave it to us!


As part of our service offering for the Contegro Server Edition, we’ve put together a competitively priced hosting server package. The package is optimized for hosting Contegro and removes the hassle normally associated with managing your own hosting environment.

Partners who want to arrange their own hosting will need to set up a server dedicated to hosting the Contegro environment for every Contegro Server License. To manage a large volume of sites within the Contegro environment, it is recommended that a separate database server is used and only Contegro sites be hosted on the platform.

The following are the general specifications for our hosting servers:

Virtual Server

  • Dual Quad VCPU
  • 2GB Memory 
  • 40GB Hard Disk Space 
  • 50GB FTP Scratch Space (for file backups) 
  • Operating system: Windows Web 2008 R2 “Architecture: 64Bit” 
  • Server Management (includes; OS Updates and Server & Website Monitoring) 
  • Back-up Strategy: Snap-Shot backups with 7 Days retention, File Backups with 7 day retention 
  • SQL 2008 Server

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