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Contegro has been designed from the outset to be an intuitive tool for designers, marketing professionals and advertising agencies.

Contegro Partners use Contegro to build websites for their clients. They enjoy significant cost and support advantages from extensive in-built features, intentional design flexibility and its ease-of-use during the project, but ultimately for clients and end-users.

Server License - Amazing flexibility

Build as many sites as needed for only one set-price per month. The Contegro Server License is a 'Hosted' Website CMS solution whereby all sites share a single install of the Contegro application and database and Add-on Modules. This model provides central management of all websites and the ability to easily create new sites from within the Administration console.

Contegro Partners shouldn't need to employ a developer or technical person through-out any stage of the website project. Not only does this save on an expensive overhead, it also makes it quick and easy to setup new websites and maintain and modify existing sites within your environment.

This license is ideally suited for website companies delivering website projects between $5k - $50.

Enterprise License - Complete ownership

This premium option is aimed at large enterprise sized projects where clients prefer to have complete ownership of the environment and host on their own server. Every Enterprise installation is independent and consists of a full Contegro application and database.

This license is ideally suited for website projects between $50k - $200k.

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