How FRED builds client relationships using Contegro

Initially FRED was set up to assist smaller businesses in the development of their brands, advertising campaigns and marketing implementation. Websites were not a part of this initial mix, but it soon became apparent that opportunity was being lost in having to farm out website projects to other specialist companies.

As Geri, one of the two partners in the business told us, “We were lead generating for other website companies. We wanted to be able to provide a better all round service for our clients by providing the total marketing package for their business.” In addition to lost revenue opportunity, FRED had also come to realise how bringing in a third party who had direct interaction with their client often complicated the matter and in some cases actually harmed their relationship with that client. “We realised that we needed to find a solution so that we could front the website project totally” says Geri, “keeping complete control over it and managing a seamless solution the client throughout”.

As Geri recalls, “We really felt that due to the growth of the company and the increasing expectation of the savvy client, we had to do something positive to advance at a professional level. Expectation in a small town is that we can deliver the same as a big-city agency, but at an affordable cost and without the ready access to qualified technical staff, which is the principle reason why we adopted the Contegro system.”

Contegro ideally fitted FRED’s needs, especially as it was designed from the outset to make the whole build process so easy. In short, the Contegro CMS has been specifically designed for design and branding orientated agencies and website companies to build highly functional websites without having to involve website developers.

The main benefits according to Geri, in becoming a Contegro Partner include: 

  • Website build projects are so much easier. We are able to use our own design skills for the front end which ties in perfectly with what we are doing with the client brand and marketing programmes.  
  • Website build time frames have massively reduced – we’re now able to turn around projects so much quicker than before which is a huge advantage, especially as many of our clients seem to want websites built yesterday!  
  • We front the whole project, including user training. Contegro stay completely in the background, working as support for us but with no client contact.  
  • Managing changes is now a breeze. What took hours before, now literally takes just minutes. This gives us the flexibility to either generate extra revenue, or where necessary cut costs to clients to be even more price competitive. 
  • We have been able to pitch for and win much larger website projects. In themselves these have been excellent revenue generators, but more so, these larger projects are already proving to be excellent long term revenue generators, not just from their websites, but with the other services we also offer. Without winning the website deal, we’d likely not have won this other work.  
  • Quoting for website projects is much simpler than previously as Contegro provide excellent pricing guidelines, plus really good supporting marketing material.  
  • We get excellent support from the whole Contegro team, from helping us in the sales process to integrating our designs to the CMS, to full blown ‘geek’ technical support when required. This is all in our own language and immediate!  
  • We earn passive revenue from website hosting. A good thing to have coming in regularly each month!  

About FRED

FredLogo.gifFRED are a boutique brand and web development agency, focused on building a ‘buzz’ and generating results. As a forward thinking company FRED identified the issues and the type of solution they required and were pro-active in looking for it. Once they came on board with Contegro, have really seen their business progress from an all-encompassing perspective.

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