Why did Roark Design Co in Texas choose Contegro as their CMS?

Roark Design has partnered with Contegro to provide a world class CMS solution to it's clients. "We chose Contegro as our CMS partner primarily because they've created the first enterprise CMS system that's truly aimed at empowering designers. As a design company, our focus is on designing world class websites and we needed a CMS that could deliver on that same level." commented Peter Roark, President of Roark Design Co. Contegro will offer Roark's clients the advantages of an enterprise CMS system that simplifies the process of managing a website. "We're excited to be Contegro's first US partner," said Darren Starr, VP of Account Development at Roark. "Their product is incredibly user friendly for our customers and our internal staff. Our digital offering just got a whole lot bigger, without having to hire a single person in our technical department."

About Roark Design Co.

RoarkLogo.gifRoark Design Co. is an innovative, multi-disciplined marketing agency based in Tyler, Texas. Roark's combined experience in marketing strategy, copywriting, graphic design, print production, internet and media development have produced award-winning results for a wide variety of clients in multiple industries.


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