Why Become a Contegro Partner?

A Contegro Partnership enables a company to grow their business offering and increase profit. If you are thinking about a partnership, here are a few things to consider.

What companies would benefit from a Contegro Partnership?

While most website design businesses would benefit from a Contegro Partnership, Contegro provides specific advantages to design-focused website companies. In particular, these are companies who provide professional website design services, but currently outsource the technical aspect of a project to those with website development expertise.

Contegro removes the need to employ “techies”, or external technical expertise. A design-focused company can then complete highly-functional websites in-house – there’s no longer a need to worry about the technical aspects of a project, just the website design and the delivery to the client. Contegro removes the complexity, and the hassle.

All the functionality and flexibility has been built into Contegro’s Admin Console so that there’s no need to change underlying code. All that is required of the web designer are creative ideas for the look of the site and HTML and CSS Skills. Even without HTML and CSS skills, we can help with the implementation of the project, handing it back to be easily completed.

What are the benefits of becoming a Contegro Partner?

Becoming a Contegro Partner will empower your company to retain total control of website projects in-house and thus remove development costs, external time limitations and associated problems. The upshot is that you can complete bigger projects, take advantage of bigger profits and manage projects with ease.

While many Website CMS solutions exist: from basic open source to extremely high-end commercial solutions – Contegro is in a class of its own in the middle-tier website market. No other Website CMS offers the same level of control, functionality and ease-of-use, without compromising on technical capabilities. This gives our Partners a point of difference, enabling them to stand out from the crowd to pitch-for and win more significant website projects.

Three key benefits set Contegro apart

1 Removal of development

Impressive flexibility has been built into Contegro’s admin console and removes the need for additional development or code changes. No assistance from a developer is required, so you have the functionality at your disposal to build any website regardless of size or complexity.

2 Ease of use

Contegro’s unique Windows Desktop-Style interface is the most intuitive, easy-to-use website interface available on the market to-date. Attractive to both designers and their clients, this well-known configuration ensures that every move is intuitive.

If you’re a web designer, multiple highly-functional solutions can be implemented and managed through a single interface. Your client can also easily make changes to text and imagery without outside expertise. Both you and your client will benefit from increased productivity and efficiency in the setup of a website and its ongoing management.

3 Design Flexibility

If a website can be built in CSS, then Contegro can accommodate it. You are not compromised in what you can achieve – whatever you can imagine you can build. Flash is also easily incorporated as custom code, further increasing design scope. With Contegro you can focus on delivering quality, custom-designed websites. And as we continually update our platform – you can be assured that every website you build is future-proof.


A Partner’s response...

Peter Roark, President of Roark Creative, one of our US Partners, explains why they chose Contegro.

“We chose Contegro as they have created the first enterprise CMS system truly aimed at designers. Our focus is on designing world-class websites and we needed a CMS that could deliver on the same level. Contegro will allow us to handle more large-scale websites in-house and grow our digital revenue stream.

Darren Starr, VP of Account Development at Roark expands on this. “The product is incredibly user friendly for our customers and staff. Our digital offering just got a whole lot bigger, without having to hire a single person in our technical department.


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