A revolutionary interface that’s made
website CMS so Simple


Experience our intelligent
Web CMS interface


Add and manage content
with unbelievable ease 


Do multiple tasks at once 


Work faster, produce more
- stress less! 

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Choosing the Contegro CMS when you’re building or redesigning your website is one of the best moves you can make.

Here are five good reasons why:

Unbelievable ease of use
We have one of the most easy to use CMS available. Using our recognisable interface you’ll find changing and managing your web content so easy.

Complete control
Contegro puts control of your website and all content into your hands. As there’s no need for technical nous – you can make IT redundant. (And that means cost savings!)

Greater productivity
Unlike other CMS, our multi-tasking functionality means that you can achieve so much more. Open multiple windows, do multiple tasks quickly. No more time wasting. No stress.

Long interesting life
New technology and functionality is being developed all the time. So you can keep your website fresh, exciting and future proof. Your website won’t ever become out-dated.

With Contegro it’s simple to increase your website as your business grows or changes. It’s easy to add functionality and new features to drive more traffic to your site.

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Building your website with Contegro

The leading functionality offered by Contegro makes it the ideal solution for corporates and international brands with sizeable websites. Almost any project is possible. Simply talk to your Design Agency about Contegro, and then choose from either our Hosted solution (for medium sized organisations) or our Enterprise Solution.