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Building your website with Contegro

The leading functionality offered by Contegro makes it the ideal solution for corporates and international brands with sizeable websites. Almost any project is possible. Simply talk to your Design... Read More

Contegro Pricing

Contegro features high-end functionality, yet it’s priced in the middle tier of the CMS market. The cost of Contegro will vary for each website built. That’s why we have flexible solutions that can be tailored to your exact requirements.

To implement Contegro into your web project, you need to engage a web design agency to provide the expertise in delivering on a successful website project. If you are not sure whether or why you need a design agency, read our blog article - the value of working with a professional website designer -  Then, depending on your project you can decide between two different solutions: 

Our Hosted Solution
The hosted solution is made for organizations looking for a world class CMS without the big budget. Ideal for companies who need the ultimate in functionality and control, but not total ownership of the environment. Click here »

Our Enterprise Solution
Provides a dedicated hosting platform for medium to large organizations or multi-nationals who want complete ownership of their website. Click here »