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Are you one of the growing numbers of marketing professionals that realises the potential of the internet but is limited in the control that you have over your organisations website?

Marketing professionals are becoming increasingly frustrated with the inflexibility of many of the incumbent content management solutions (CMS) available in today’s market. Failure to keep pace with advances in internet technologies has rendered them redundant in what has become an environment typified by innovation and advancements in technology. In response, today’s consumers demand a rich user experience with content that accurately reflects the latest news, views and product offerings that your organisation has on offer. To support this, a comprehensive content management solution is required.

Vaughan Reed, of CMS specialist Contegro, is heralding the beginning of a new generation of website content management that has been developed with the sales and marketing professional in mind. The latest CMS empowers your sales and marketing team to create dynamic content that highlights key product and service offerings while keeping your consumer engaged over the long-term. Reed says,

"The new generation CMS products provide marketers with a direct line of communication with their public. A user friendly interface enables you to react quickly to developments in the market and modify content in real time, staying one step ahead of your competitors. Products like Contegro deliver on the original CMS promise by restoring control over your companies primary touch point to those who are directly responsible for its success, and no, we are not referring to your IT department."

" Our Auckland partner, Exceed Online has recently completed a major website project for Avis New Zealand. The marketing team at Avis were encountering difficulties that are typical of many organisations that do not have direct control over there website content. Avis were experiencing significant delays in getting new content live on their website, jeopardising their effectiveness and forcing them to adopt reactive strategies to their competitor’s offerings.”

Avis Brand Manager, Claire Anderson says,

“With the integration of Contegro we can now change the Avis New Zealand website content in minutes and the flexibility Contegro has provided has allowed us to be more proactive in the online market”. As a result, Avis New Zealand has experienced their highest level of internet bookings ever - exceeding the company’s internal targets for 2007 after only three months."

For market leaders like Avis New Zealand, where preservation of the company’s image is essential, the new generation of CMS is critical in maintaining brand integrity as website administrators operate in an environment that facilitates professional design principles.

“When developing a CMS product for marketing professionals we identified that preserving brand integrity and design consistency was essential in providing a sales and marketing focused CMS product. Content providers can maintain text, images and multimedia objects without running the risk of disrupting design integrity. Style and layout formatting is now managed automatically by the system, ensuring that the professional appearance of the website is maintained. This technology also enables branding to remain consistent throughout the different channels and ensures that the quality of brand representation is upheld.”

The advantages of the new generation of website CMS goes far beyond the ability of just managing website content, your website can now be leveraged to create sustainable relationships with your customers.

Reed highlights the key technologies driving the new generation of website CMS:

Microsites (or satellite sites)

Microsites are independent websites that are managed through a single CMS portal, providing marketers with a definitive tool for developing targeted sites and content to specific audiences.

The ability to create a targeted website for a specific product or promotion will directly contribute to increased customer satisfaction while building credibility for your brand. The brand or product specific teams have the ability to manage their content as they see fit and comprehensive access controls prevent individuals from altering content that they do not have permission to alter. From the organisations perspective; cost is reduced by only having to purchase one solution for centralised management of all online initiatives.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Managed directly via your website rather than having to utilise 3rd party solutions. This provides an integrated solution with a seamless flow of information between your website and email marketing.

RSS Technology

Real Simple Syndication (RSS) allows you to create a dynamic list of articles, news, products or case studies that a customer may subscribe to, creating a direct line to your most profitable customer’s internet browser. RSS provides customers with a dynamic and engaging environment, which is essential in developing strong and profitable relationships with your target audience. With the introduction of RSS, delivering on this content has never been easier.

With a RSS Reader embedded within your website, you are able to add value by pulling relevant news feeds such as industry specific articles and case studies from trusted sources in your industry. This information is then displayed automatically on your website and is updated every time the page is viewed. These tools provide a cost effective method for creating website content that is dynamic, engaging and adds real value and appeal to your site.

It appears that the sales and marketing industry has much to gain out of deploying the latest CMS products as they provide an unparalleled level of control and flexibility over website content, preserve design and brand integrity and allow sales and marketing professionals to develop proactive strategies in the internet space.

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