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All a designer needs to ask about Contegro

Author -  Vaughan Reed

When we answer the phone, our new prospective Partners often ask similar questions about the Contegro market position and point of difference.

The Contegro brand positioning and marketing message is about two things:

  1. Complete large scale website projects with ease 
  2. Increase your profits and business capabilities 

Business websites are rarely simple.

Good design looks like a swan – gliding effortlessly across the surface but with hard paddling below the waterline. You know good design when you see it. You know, Apple versus Yahoo websites – it’s very clear when you get it.

Contegro is all about bringing the next generation of websites to fruition.

Website design history started with clever coders. They could write lines of incomprehensible stuff that somehow became pretty pictures online. Then the designers fought back and said “why can’t we have good graphic design on a website” and the second generation of hard-coded sites was born. We’re still hanging out in about 2001 at this stage...

Websites then evolved, having a greater level of interactivity and usability, which brought the coding skills (a.k.a the developer) and the design skills closer together. As websites grew in functionality, this lead to the coder being more central to the delivery and ongoing up-keep of the website and the designer taking a lesser role in the initial project and ongoing up-keep of the website. A consequence of this is the original 'pixel perfect' vision the designer has for the website gets lost in translation.

So what’s the future?

Web design is on the cusp of another giant leap forward. The flexibility and control in delivering creative, highly-functional websites is achieved via front-end code (HTML, CSS & Javascript), while the back-end code (.PHP, ASP.NET, Java etc) has become, in most part, a commodity. 

With the advancement in CSS & HTML and products like Contegro the shift in power has swung to the web designer. The days of the coder-plus-the-designer are numbered. Contegro is one of a small handful of software companies who realise that businesses need websites that can be frequently adapted and revised without the user needing to know computer code. We wrote a content management system CMS that does not need a back-end coder to deliver a highly-functional website, it can be set up by designers with HTML & CSS skills.

Why we did it

We understand how important web design is to delivering business profits. And so we started from the point of view of the designer – the professional website designer. S/he can draw up the most beautiful website for you and now, using Contegro, it can be written without the need to code.

This enables designers who had previously not been able to lead website design projects into a new sphere of skill and allows you to hire the best without yourself needing to know the coding for the ongoing site management either. Neat eh?

So if you are a business looking for a website – direct your website designer onto our Partners page to learn how to become a Contegro partner and use the CMS for your site. Be reassured that your website is set up correctly from the outset so you achieve your business objectives.

Without a professional designer, you risk your business failing online. Get that designer to help you build the perfect website – buy the best skills you can afford.

And if you are a designer – add another string to your bow and get onto bigger, more complex website design jobs using Contegro. Your clients will thank you! See our Partners section to get started

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