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Contegro’s website design new business leads

Author -  Rebecca Caroe

Contegro's website design new business leads

Contegro firmly believes that our content management system for building and managing websites is an essential tool for web design agencies who want to grow their business.

Why do we say that?

Well, Contegro started from a design agency. Yes, we are a sister company to Labyrinth Solutions a web design agency. Read our back-story about why Contegro was built.

Website design agencies who invest in using Contegro as the platform behind their clients' new websites are able to:

  • Bid for larger, more financially valuable projects
  • Scope more ambitious websites
  • Deliver high quality CMS for their clients to use

Check it out for yourself by visiting our Contegro Virtual Training Studio where we show you how to use Contegro and then go to our Contegro Discovery Room try the Demo yourself on a fictitious travel company website using Contegro. You will notice the strong feature set and see how simple it is to manipulate website content.

Now, here are your website new business leads... follow them up and bid large with Contegro’s compliments!

  1. Stroma, construction company, wants "holding page example" West Yorkshire, UK Click here »
  2. Fiberon PVC manufacture of decking and railing issued 3 RFPs for wants Public Relations services, North Carolina Click here » also wants Media Planning Click here » and advertising creative Click here »
  3. Website redevelopment for City in Colorado, USA Click here »
  4. California city wants website redesign and implementation Click here »
  5. Georgia county wants website design and creation Click here »
  6. Indiana transit organisation website redesign needed Click here »
  7. Content Management System for Maryland Government Click here »
  8. Washington Regional Fire Authority wants Website design and CMS Click here »


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