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Don't let your IT department choose your CMS - alone

Author -  Rebecca Caroe

Getting the right content management system for your business has to be a careful decision. It simple is not enough to let one team specify and select the one that everyone has to use.

The IT team and the web development team are probably both filled with technologically-savvy folk who are interested in the ‘latest’ and the ‘newest’ technologies. These are NOT the people to use to select a CMS.

A Content management system consists of two parts:

  • the website and
  • the editorial environment

We had a client recently whose marketing team had hired a Contegro Partner to write the content for their website. As the team started uploading articles, they found that the CMS selected had a lot of limitations – the template layout was so narrow that each page became very long, there was no direct HTML editing, inserting new menu items was difficult and, worst of all, the free CMS was no longer being supported by its developers and hadn’t been for the previous 18 months.

How to choose the best CMS

Start with asking the tech team to make a short list. Here’s a Top 30 CMS list to start with.

Get the short list of CMS software demonstrated to your full team, remember to include authors as part of the content management workflow design so that the chosen solution will meet their requirements.

Let them test out each one. Contegro has a live online testing environment we call our “Discovery Room” that you can use to evaluate our solution.

What are the pitfalls of choosing the wrong CMS?

Getting it wrong means having to live with your choice for a few years (unless your company is $$ rich).

If editors and content creators are unable to adapt to the chosen way of working with the new CMS you risk the whole project. Managing content in a newly created CMS could therefore be experienced as a major setback compared to existing way of working. Remember, the better the writer, the more techno-phobic they probably are. What is “user friendly” to a programmer can be a nightmare to an author.

Get the CMS selection right first time – then it’s plain sailing.

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