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What’s the key factor affecting web design today?

Author -  Rebecca Caroe

What a gift of a headline – this more than caught my eye – it accelerated my mouse to click on the link. Net Magazine hits the issue of the moment, again!

The article is a survey of designers and web developers and it makes interesting reading:

Take a read of extracts from these expert comments:

Andy Budd,

“This means that we're now able to build fully rounded applications in the browser that were hitherto impossible.”

Chris Coyier,

“Web design is what happens in web browsers, so the state of web design is current browser capabilities blended with what web designers are doing with those capabilities.”

Jeff Croft,

“As "web designers," we have to start realising that our job is no longer solely to produce sites, apps, and pages built in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. More and more, the "web" is not a platform. It's a service with clients on many platforms.”

Elliot Jay Stocks,

“The 'responsive web design' movement has finally heralded a fundamental shift in the way many of us think about designing for the web. Sure, we've had fluid layouts for years, but only now are we collectively understanding that websites should be properly flexible. I believe that's the most important factor: the widespread adoption of this idea by our community. We're designing truly interactive experiences and the days of fixed, flat Photoshop mock-ups are coming to an end. So, too, then, are the days of designers who can't code.”

My perspective is that the biggest change I see in Web CMS for Enterprise is the ability of the web DESIGNER to lead the site specification, design and execution and for the coder to drop increasingly into the background.

Andy Budd and Chris Coyier touch on this with their comments on browser capabilities and Jeff Croft's comment about multiple platform capabilities is also very pertinent.

But for my money Eliot Jay Stocks will be the future that will happen.

"The days of designers who can't code" is ending because the browsers the CMS and the hosted apps are enabling non-coders to lead the design process and deliver on client specifications direct.

Where do you stand in this debate?

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