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Why we’re stoked this week

Author -  Rebecca Caroe

Why we’re stoked this week

Contegro towers is rattling with cheers from the team and our clients this week. We are delighted to announce that the hard work building Contegro into a reliable content management system for enterprise clients is getting noticed.

The first clue we had was when CMS Focus - the website for all things content management, wrote an article revising its Top 30 CMS ranking.


We should explain that this is (almost) the holy grail for CMS developers. Here’s how they describe the Top 30

The content management systems that make up this top 30 are what I consider Web content management "game changers" or "attention getters".

Getting Contegro listed alongside the biggest and the best, is a sign that quite a few influential people think we are doing a good job.

What happened was that they reviewed the previous top 30 list and ‘retired to the Hall of Fame’ eleven CMS and added in 10 new ones, including Contegro.

And the ripples form this announcement are now flowing outwards...

  • Tech Day wrote “Kiwi CMS makes ‘game changer’ list"
  • and we’ll find some more to add in to this list as well


Link List


9:31 PM Thursday, September 15, 2011

Being added to this CMS list will seriously put Contegro on the world CMS market.

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