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What a gift of a headline – this more than caught my eye – it accelerated my mouse to click on the link. Net Magazine hits the issue of the moment, again!

The article is a survey of designers and web developers and it makes interesting reading:
Take a read of extracts from these expert comments:
Andy Budd,
“This means that we're now able to build fully rounded applications in the browser that were hitherto impossible.” ...

What’s the key factor affecting web design today?

Author: Rebecca Caroe

Date: 4:32 PM Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The history of web development like most coding runs in fits and starts – sometimes it accelerates with a burst of creativity and at other times things slow and nothing new appears.

We are researching a timeline history of content management systems in order to track the “phases” of development.

I started off with a broad web search and came up with some helpful Wikipedia articles

  1. Content Management System
  2. List of content management systems
  3. Web content management system – has a useful list of functionality and capabilities

But none of thses actually show the history and timeline of CMS.

I know that it’s only a very recent development because early websites that I used did not have CMS embedded – most were hard-coded. There’s a need for the answer, clearly. And so we have posted the question... Now can you help us create the answer?

  1. What date did you first use a CMS?
  2. What ...

    When was the first Web CMS released?

    Author: Rebeca Caroe

    Date: 4:33 PM Monday, October 10, 2011

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