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Fouhy happy with win in Contegro King of the Harbour


Monday 4 April 2011, 10:04AM

By Canoe Racing New Zealand

NZ-Surf-Ski-King-of-the-Harbour2.jpgLight winds and a gentle swell made the paddle from Waiheke Island to the Auckland Viaduct a bit of a slog, but amazingly competitors all came in with smiles on their faces, after a gruelling 21km race, with no help from the elements.

Olympic silver medallist Ben Fouhy and Mike Walker were neck and neck most of the way, as the two led the group convincingly right from the start with the double ski of Hall and Boer keeping them company throughout.

Trans Taupo winner Travis Mitchell headed up the second group of paddlers a few hundred metres behind the leaders with a third group including Paul Wilford, Simon McLarin and Simon Longdill behind them.

NZ-Surf-Ski-King-of-the-Harbour4.jpgAs the lead group rounded into Devonport a small swell saw Fouhy pull ahead from Walker - a tactic the two had been employing most of the way. However Fouhy powered on ahead in a strong effort, managing to stretch his lead to a few hundred metres by the time he reached the viaduct, funishing under the Hilton Hotel to become the CRNZ 2011 Surf Ski Champion, and the undisputed "King of the Harbour".

And if Fouhy is King, then Katie Pocock is surely Queen, gaining her 10th consequetive win in this event. The competition was by no means a walk in the park, with Trans Taupo winner Dene Simpson challenging Pocock all the way and finishing a minute behind her.

Contegro King of the Harbour Results

Race #NameTimeCategoryPlaceCategory Place
73Ben Fouhy1:34:41OPN M SKI11
27Mike Walker1:36:00OPN M SKI22
51Malcolm Hall & Peter Boer1:36:46M DBL SKI31
60Tim McLaren1:39:25OPN M SKI43
66Simon McLarin1:39:32MAS M SKI51
53Matt Sutton1:40:09OPN M SKI64
62Travis Mitchell1:40:18OPN M SKI75
10Tim Grammer1:40:22MAS M SKI82
28Oskar Stielau1:40:25MAS M SKI93
55Leopold Tepa1:40:28OPN M SKI106
78Paul Wilford1:40:37MAS M SKI114
83Nathan Faavae1:41:04OPN M SKI127
58Bill Barff1:41:22MAS M SKI135
48Rob Nicol1:41:56MAS M SKI146
30Samuel Newlands1:43:13U23 M SKI151
42Teva Mooria1:43:22OPN M SKI168
50Jean-Pierre Barff1:43:45MAS M SKI177
8Simon Longdill1:43:57OPN M SKI189
40Grant Heim1:44:03VET M SKI191
47Lance Roozendaal & Tina Leona1:44:59M DBL SKI202
26Ian Mercer1:45:26MAS M SKI218
14Ben Keys1:45:33OPN M SKI2210
3Darryl Forsyth1:45:48MAS M SKI239
4Tamas Pinter1:45:39OPN M SKI2411
6Peter Longdill1:46:52OPN M SKI2512
5Simon Greenwood1:46:59MAS M SKI2610
29Paul Gillard1:47:09VET M SKI272
1Sven Hansen1:47:21VET M SKI283
68Sean Murphy1:47:55MAS M SKI2911
18Robbie Ford1:49:10OPN M SKI3013
64Brendon Davey1:49:30OPN M SKI3114
38Brent Clode1:49:38MAS M SKI3212
34Dave Jensen1:49:47MAS M SKI3313
2Katie Pocock1:49:49F SKI341
61Jeremy Kuggeleijn1:50:35OPN M SKI3515
24Max Chambers1:50:49OPN M SKI3616
65John Sokolich1:50:55VET M SKI374
39Dene Simpson1:50:59F SKI382
35Tim Eves1:51:00MAS M SKI3914
37Peter Dallimore1:51:10VET M SKI405
56Viala Temaiana1:51:31OPN M SKI4117
57Tauirai Teiti1:51:48OPN M SKI4218
75Robert Askew1:52:02MAS M SKI4315
21Damian Munro1:52:04OPN M SKI4419
71Vaughan Reed1:52:27OPN M SKI4520
41Puarai Van Bastolaer1:52:30OPN M SKI4621
12Blair Tuke1:53:09U23 M SKI472
52Derick Bezuidenhout1:54:04MAS M SKI4816
13Andrew Czar1:54:12MAS M SKI4917
15Jason Pocock1:54:31OPN M SKI5022
46Graham Burrell1:54:32MAS M SKI5118
19Hamish Pedersen1:54:46OPN M SKI5223
33Gregory Jones1:54:48MAS M SKI5319
63Bailey Elliott1:54:55F SKI543
23Dave Chambers1:55:26VET M SKI556
67John Land1:55:28VET M SKI567
49Sophie Hart1:55:35F SKI574
74Mark Struthers1:56:16VET M SKI588
70Warwick Smith1:56:31VET M SKI599
44Jerome Sheppard1:57:09MAS M SKI6020
7Dave Rudge1:57:16VET M SKI6110
25David Loughlin1:57:43MAS M SKI6221
69Cam Carter1:59:08OPN M SKI6324
43John Sanderson1:59:30VET M SKI6411
54Neil Taylor2:02:38MAS M SKI6522
59Mike Steward2:03:10MAS M SKI6623
20Warren Trethewey2:04:40VET M SKI6712
79Brian Blanchard2:09:37MAS M SKI6824
72Pierre Chemaly2:10:37VET M SKI6913
22Anthony Blyth2:12:09MAS M SKI7025
77Judy Jensen/Ether Hudson2:13:22 F OC2711
76Eric Hebner2:18:10OPN M SKI7225
45Jackie Dring2:18:30F SKI735
31Ted Hughes & Peter Brock2:34:08M DBL SEA741