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Contegro secures first US partner & targets a Ton more within 3 years


Monday 23 May 2011

Contegro’s entry into the US web market has paid huge dividends. The signing of a Texas-based design firm is a major coup for the Website CMS Company, and has provided great impetus towards its goal of securing 100 US business partners within the next three years.

Contegro founder Vaughan Reed has daily conference calls with potential US partners. The company is close to securing a second partner and is also in talks with a potential Master Agent for the UK. “The level of enquiries coming from the US has been extremely encouraging,” says Reed. “We knew we had a clear point of difference over other CMS systems in New Zealand, but we were unsure how our product offering would be perceived in the US.”

Success has come quickly, yet this may be due in part to the US market’s comprehensive understanding of Website CMS systems. “Unlike New Zealand, it’s not a matter of selling them on the benefits of Web CMS, it’s about helping to see why our product is best. As the response has shown, US businesses we’ve targeted have been quick to see the advantages of a product like Contegro,” says Reed.

Texas based company, Roark Creative have partnered with Contegro to become a more substantial player in the website market. “We chose Contegro primarily because they've created the first enterprise CMS system truly aimed at empowering designers. Our focus is on designing world class websites and we needed a CMS that could deliver on that same level," says Peter Roark, President of Roark Creative.

“Effectively, Contegro will allow us to deliver a better product to our customers, handle more large scale websites in-house, and grow our digital revenue stream.”

Darren Starr, VP of Account Development at Roark Creative, is enthusiastic about the future with Contegro, “We're excited to be Contegro's first US partner. The product is incredibly user friendly for our customers and our internal staff. Our digital offering just got a whole lot bigger, without having to hire a single person in our technical department."

Roark Creative was sold on the usability of the Contegro Web CMS, its world-leading Windows’ style interface, and multi-site capabilities. Simplicity of technical support and training was also an important factor, says Vaughan Reed. “We’re stepping up our partner support capabilities by having 24-hour support with personnel in the US and the UK within the next 3-6 months. We’re also setting up an Online Training Studio – a completely hands-off training solution for Partners and their clients. We’ll be the first CMS provider in the world to provide this level of training.”

Online technology has also played a large part in Contegro’s international success. “Our company website acts like an on-the ground sales person,” explains Reed. “This means our inbound partner enquiries are already 80% pre-qualified. By using technology such as Skype and GoToMeeting we’ve also ensured distance is no barrier to doing business overseas.”

Contegro is determined to secure several more partners in the next few months and with the way business is going, look set to reach their goal of 100 US partners within three years.