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Contegro Version 4.2 Released

The main focus for the release of version 4.2 has been around the support of Mega Menus and the enhanced management of Website Addresses... Read More

World Leading Innovation, Set to Profit Contegro Partners

An interactive, online training solution could propel Contegro and its Partners towards success on a global stage. A world first for the website CMS market, the online development provides ContegroTrainingStudio-Main.jpgContegro Partners with a leading advantage over their competitors, and creates greater opportunities for doing business internationally.

The newly developed Virtual Training Studio delivers an engaging, accessible online platform from which to learn the Contegro Content Management System. Users can ask questions, give feedback and interact with the lively virtual presenter who also acts as a guide through a series of training videos. The whole experience is designed to keep the viewer completely engaged, provide information easily, and make it even simpler for Partners and clients to learn Contegro.

Contegro Founder Vaughan Reed says that the online Training Studio provides Contegro Partners with a definite business advantage. “No ContegroTrainingStudio-Desktop1.jpgother website Content Management System exists with this level of online training, and coupled with Contegro’s well recognised ease-of-use, Partners have a product that will give them an edge in any competitive business pitch,” explains Reed.

The Online Training Studio opens the door to international opportunities. “Our Contegro Partners are mainly graphic design firms who build websites for a local market. Interactive online training enables our Partners to pitch for business anywhere in the world, knowing that their clients, who will be using the Contegro CMS within the websites they build, have the resources and support needed to use Contegro confidently. There’s no need for on the ground support.”

Reed explains that the new solution will help empower Contegro Partners to be fearless. “In Contegro they have a world-class commercial CMS that’s now supported by innovative, easy to use online training – there’s no reason that our Partners can’t look to be world leaders in their CMS offering.”

Reed says the new Online Studio will also challenge the way CMS companies approach training on their systems. “For most CMS products, training has traditionally taken place through a mixture of video sessions, face-to-face interactions, manual-reading, emails and phone calls. Our Virtual Studio brings all this together online to make learning Contegro interactive, exciting and easy for everyone involved – this is a significant development for the web CMS industry,” says Reed.

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