Contegro releases version 3.0

August 2007

Contegro is very pleased to announce the release of version 3.0 with enterprise level 'Full Text Searching' and a range of new features:   

New Full Text Search

The Full Text Search (FTS) feature provides your website visitors with an enterprise level solution that incompasses searching of website documents (such as PDF, MS Word and MS Excel etc) and the delivery of search results in order of relevance.

The introduction of FTS in Contegro v3.0 provides administrators with an increased level of functionality in the following modules: 

Full Search/Simple Search:

Manage the areas within your website that are searchable

Customise the Search by enabling/disabling the search functions

Add a Custom Title which replaces the default “Search” heading 

Search Results:

Show/hide information to display in the search results ie: thumbnail, summary, date stamp, author etc...

Display customisable content icons in the search results. The content icons help visitors to identify the type of results displayed in the list, ie: PDF, word document, image, webpage, etc... 

Add a custom message that is displayed when no search results are returned.

New Full Preview

As requested by our Contegro clients, the new Full Preview function enables Administrators to preview a “live version” of any webpage prior to the page going live. This also includes previewing In-active and Member Only pages.

New Member Sign-up Form

The Member Sign-up form allows your website visitors to register for member access to your Contegro site. Visitors simply complete and submit the online form and a member account is automatically created in the Member Manager (removing the manual task of entering all of your website members’ details). Depending on your preference, new member accounts can be set up as “Active” on submission of the form or you can take control by setting any new member accounts to “Pending” until you update the account status to Active. The option is also there upon activating the new member account to automatically generate a password and send through via email.

Update Member Access Control

All Contegro modules now include publish settings such as the Member Access Control which allows administrators to add Member Only information to a public webpage.  Add any module to a public webpage, set the member access level and the information in the module will only be displayed when the relevant member logs in.

Update Document Manager

The Document Manager has been upgraded to support the following new features:

Integration of the Full Text Search function. Whenever you create a link to an internal document (ie: brochure, pricelist) the contents of the document will now be searchable.

Document permission control enabling member level access to be assigned to individual documents.

Document Link Tracking to reduce the risk of broken links when managing documents within the website.


All Contegro clients who are currently signed up to a Contegro support agreement will receive the latest version automatically, at no additional cost.

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