Contegro releases version 3.1.0

December 2007

We are very pleased to announce the release of Contegro version 3.1.0 together with a selection of new add-on modules at Christmas Special prices!

Contegro is committed to providing the leading content management solution in New Zealand. By extending the Contegro platform with enhanced features and extended functionality, their aim is to provide all the tools necessary to maintain a profitable and effective online solution for your business.

Following on from the success of the Contegro v3.0 product release, the Contegro administration console has been extended with the following enhancements:

New Track Member Logins

Curious about when your members login your website? Now you can find out! Member Manager now includes full member reporting. Based on a date range, reports provide login date & time and account details.

New Overwrite Website Documents

You can now easily overwrite files within the website via Document Manager. Making it easy to keep website documents up to date and relevant while maintaining link integrity.

New Document Link Alerts

Linked documents now include a custom warning message for both; Broken Links and insufficient Permission Level and is an ideal "call to action". When linking to an important member only document, you can customise the popup message, such as “Available to members; please register to gain access”.

New Web Page URL Address 

A handy new feature! The URL of each page is shown within the Site Tree - Page Summary info. Making it easy for you to obtain the website address of a page - even before making the page active.

New Category List Display Information

The Category List interface now provides you with individualised control on a per instance basis (previously relying on global CSS styles).  Now you can now show/hide information that you would like to appear, e.g: Title, Summary, Thumbnail, Date, Keywords. 

Latest Add-on modules

The following popular interactive add-on modules have been released just in time for Christmas, giving you the tools to interact with your clients effectively in the New Year: 

Voting Poll

What do your viewers really want for Christmas? This tool is ideal for gathering a consensus of opinions from your website viewers and encouraging repeat website traffic. Give them a chance to ‘Have their say”...more»


Get to know your website viewers with a Blog. This module is the foundation for public debates or a platform for restricted access discussions with partners, suppliers and customers...more»

Document Library

When you need to display a high volume of documents fast and efficiently. An advancement of the Document Manager, functionality includes; bulk uploading, extensive categorisation, security levels set per document or by category and presentation flexibility 

All Contegro clients who are currently signed up to a Contegro support agreement will receive the Contegro version 3.1.0 update automatically, at no additional cost.


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