Contegro Version 3.5.0 Release

Release Date - 22 April 2009

The main focus for the 3.5 release was around; usability enhancements, important Search Engine Optimisation improvements and the clean up of all minor bugs in preperation for Contegro v4.0 development.

Main Features Released in Contegro v3.5:

NewGoogle Site Map

A Google Site Map is automatically created within Contegro and stored in the root folder as Sitemap.ashx. Using Google Webmaster Tools (, you can manually specify the name of the google site map by entering http://www.yourdomainname/Sitemap.ashx in the 'Sitemaps' text field.

The main benefit of submitting your Site Map to Google, rather than waiting for them to trawl your site, is the increased frequency in which your site is indexed. This will speed up the time it takes Google to display new content within their search results and will also ensure all pages are index.

UpdateCategory List & Page List Settings

Two new SEO improvements have been made to the Category List and Page List modules to improve your sites rankings. The option is now available to change the heading tag for the 'Custom Title' using the dropdown list within the Category and Page list module instance settings. Change your heading from the default <H1> tag to anything from <H2> - <H6> tags. The importance of this from a SEO perspective is to minimise the number of times the <H1> tags is used on the page, which should be no more than 1 or 2 times.   

The second improvement is the addition of the ‘No Follow’ wrapper, which has been added to code for the "More Info" link. The nofollow is an HTML attribute which is used to instruct search engines that a hyperlink should not influence the link target's ranking. This places more focus on keyword relevant links rather than superfluous links with no keyword focus. 


Customise your sub site(s) with its very own favicon. Administrators can now create a favicon.ico for each microsite within their enterprise environment. In order to display a favicon, you first need to create an '.ico' file using an image such as your company or product logo. There are many online conversion tools available (i.e.; these tools allow you to upload an image in JPG (JPEG) or GIF format and convert it to an '.ico' file.  Once converted, the new 'favicon.ico' file needs to be uploaded to the "_Icons" folder within the Image Manager.

NewEditor Timeout Control

Lost content is a thing of the past. If your session times out without you realising, you will be prompted to login to re-establish your session when you select the Save button and all changes will be automatically saved. 

To avoid losing any unsaved changes in the Content module, simply click the [Save] button and enter the login details used when you logged in within the login form pop up window.

NewPage List Settings

Heading Styles - For SEO best practice, there should be no more than two heading one <h1> and heading two <h2> tags on a page at one time. The new 'Heading' dropdown list in the custom title field allows you set the Heading tag that surrounds the custom page list title.

More Link Text - A new setting has been added to the Page List Module which enables the “More»»” link text to be changed.

With the addition of a custom ‘More Link Text’ field and custom title heading styles, the Page List module is even more versatile!

Contegro v3.5.0 Full List of Features & Bug Fixes


# 180 - Category List - Added No Follow wrapper around the "more info" link for improved SEO

# 181 - Google Sitemap - Created a Google supported XML Sitemap.ashx file

# 183 - Added a DIV around the page content when in live edit mode

# 196 - Favicon - Update the header with the link rel="icon" code. The Favicon icon path has been set to /Images/SiteName/_Icons/favicon.ico which will support microsites having an indepenent Favicon.

# 202 - Banner Random - Updated the Global settings to support multiple banners per container and the ability to delete banners. Update the instant settings to included a "Use Global" checkbox to easily switch between global and instant.

# 205 - Image Manager - Updated the upload popup window to default to the current image folder

# 207 - Page List - Updated the instant settings to include the ability to change the "More" link text

# 218 - Page List & Category List - Updated the instant settings with the ability to change the Custom Title tag (H1 - H6)

# 243 - Page Timer - Changed the method for the page timer. Instead of showing a pop-up when the session expires, the new method will automatically recreate the session and save the latest changes upon selecting the <save> button.


# 444 - Fixed the bug with the Slide Navigation, which did not appear in the template by default when a new Microsite was created.

# 466 - Fixed a microsite issue with the document manager, which was not showing the document when uploaded to the root folder.

# 513 - Fixed an issue with the Hyperlink Manager, which was unable to link to a document with an apostrophe in the title.

# 520 - Modified the Patch Uupload process to look in the database for the version,  if no version is found, it will try and load the version from the assembly.

# 557 - Uploading templates causes a .NET error and the process pool crashes. Fixed a permissions issue when users upload templates without ASP.NET temporary folder access

# 566 - Created a work around for the known .NET issue where the application would restart when a image folder was deleted.

# 569 - Fixed a spelling mistake within the Page Attributes section for the validation text for page label

# 577 - Fixed an issue with popup controls where the popup was inside other dialogs.

# 578 - The Friendly URL was converting a '&' sign to 'amp'.  This has been updated so '&' and '&amp' become 'and'

# 579 - Fixed a Global Banner positoning issue so the banners are displayed based on the position in container. Also changed the word deleted to use the "Delete" icon

# 607 - Page List Module - Moved the clearing DIV tag for the class of "ListClear", now located after the ListHolder tag

# 614 - Fixed a spelling mistake with the Email Validation text in the Admin Account Manager

# 631 - Fixed a bug that did not allow the HTML module to be removed from the search

# 648 - Fixed permissions issue with 'menu only' items appearing in the unique navigation when set to member permission.

# 665 - Fixed issue with the page container permissions checking.

# 666 - Fixed permission issue with the search module, which was checking the access level instead of the group level access.

# 675 - Fixed permissions in the document manager

# 673 - Resolved a Form Builder issue, which related to a core change. The "Please select..." value was not showing by default for the 'Managed List' element.

#675 - Resolved issue with the Document permission, which was checking the access level instead of the group level access.

# 682 - Removed all javascript from the Banner Module onclick control for Campaign Monitor support

# 683 - Fixed bug with the Member Registration module. The redirect page setting was not being saved after a recent update was applied.

# 685 - Added a microsite creation script for adding NZ regions when a new microsite is created

# 686 - Fixed the issue where password was lost in the new member form after the Country was selected

# 688 - Fixed the pagination count on the member search result list for microsites, which was showing the page count for the primary site.

# 690 - Fixed the blog comment redirect for member only pages. The member will now be redirected to the blog comment upon login.

# 691 - Fixed issues with the category list, which was not grouping items correctly by author and the 'Author' checkbox in the "Display headings for" field was automatically selected when the settings were saved.

# 724 - Fixed an error when uploading images via the Table Wizard > Background image field within the editor

# 741 - Fixed an issue with the patch sql script which wasn't comparing the version string value correctly

# 754 - Fixed a Fire Fox issue with the Permission Input Control, which was not saving the permission change.

# 755 - Text change with in the Banner Global Settings - renamed the column "Display by Default" to "Display"

# 762 - Resolved cache issue with Product Catalogue images which was not displaying the correct image when a new image was uploaded. 

# 764 - Fixed Sub Menu module issue, which was not rending the ascii code Trademark Symbol


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