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Contegro Interface
Contegro Interface - Content Editor
Contegro Interface - HTML Editor
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Contegro Announcement Module
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Contegro Events Calendar Module

With the benefits of Contegro you can:

  • Build ambitious, highly-functional websites without a developer.
  • Save money from development, and earn more money.
  • Have full control over projects and fewer hassles!

With the benefits of Contegro you can:

  • Easily manage web content keeping it relevant, timely and engaging.
  • Make IT redundant – have total control of your website.
  • Reduce web costs – our platform grows with your business.
  • Ensure your site is future proof, scalable and well supported.

Take a closer look at the Contegro CMS.

What makes Contegro stand out? A revolutionary interface that ensures every task is easy; impressive functionality, and no further need for web development. This is a world class website Content Management System brimming with features that are attractive to website owners and designers alike.

For designers it gives full control, and the ability to build any website, no matter how large or complex. Website owners and marketers will be impressed at its ease of use. Add to this, multi-site ability, a creative range of add-on modules, and with the power of Contegro behind you, anything is possible. 

Whether you're a website designer seeking a dependable Website CMS for your projects, or a website owner frustrated with the usability of your current site, Contegro will give you that winning edge!

Add-on Modules
Contegro's modular approach provides a very flexible and cost effective solution for your business. Take advantage of our extensive range of added functionality as-and-when your business requires it!

Brochure Downloads
No website idea is too large or complex - with the power of Contegro behind you, anything is possible

Promo video's, 'how-to' training videos, an interactive Training Studio and hands-on experience through the Discovery Room... It's all available with Contegro! 

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