Directory Module

Download BrochureThe Contegro® Directory Module includes a fully automatic subscription-based directory listing facility and event calendar that can be managed entirely by your clients.

This extensive module is essential for websites showcasing a large database of listings such as corporate businesses, sports clubs or retail directories. Directory clients create their own listing online using a simple 3-step approval process that captures all their contact details, logo graphics and marketing messages. The subscription-based payment method (via credit card) uses a secure payment gateway. The opportunity to add and update an unlimited amount of events within the integral events calendar is a fundamental marketing tool.

Key Features

Subscription-based Payment

Key to the Directory module is the subscription-based payment method to efficiently extract payments from your Directory clients. This automated module instigates re-occurring credit card payments either monthly, quarterly or annually.

Approval Queue

Listing within the directory is not necessarily automatic! The Contegro® Directory module queues new listings to allow you to ‘approve’ or ‘deny’ for relevance and suitability. An automatic confirmation message is sent to your client via email with their approval status.

Promotional Payment Discounts

During the subscription process, clients can enter a pre-determined code to gain a discount off their subscription cost. Multiple discount codes can be given to groups of clients, such as; repeat clients, non-profit organisations, affiliated businesses or those who have taken advantage of cost-saving promotions.

Secure Client Access

The Directory module automatically provides your clients with login access to a secure area so they can efficiently manage their account, directory details, events and check their payment schedule.

Event Calendar

The Event Calendar is a bonus feature to the Directory module that showcases events to meet a wide range of possibilities such as; regular sports fixtures, art exhibitions, one-off retail promotions or annual community festivals. The built-in Event Calendar encompasses a visual calendar and search facility to locate an unlimited array of related events. Individual events link to the hosts main listing to provide further information for ‘upsell’ opportunities.

Suitable applications

  • Business listings
  • Retail and shopping directories
  • Membership-based groups and club portals
  • Event calendar


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