The Contegro®Podcasts Brochure Podcast Module is the ultimate in rich content delivery and is essential for any business that wants to stay ahead of the competition. Your clients, prospective clients and site users can easily subscribe to your audio and video files from your website.

The Podcast Module allows you to showcase your audio and video files in a simple to use format, allowing website viewers to listen to, or watch Podcasts directly from their computer, or upload them to a portable media player. Podcasts can be used for re-broadcasting radio shows, seminars or corporate events. They are also ideal for distributing training material, both to your staff and your users. A Podcast is the perfect way to start up and maintain a community of interest in much the same way that an on-line forum can. You may also want to consider aggregating Podcasts from other sources as a way of providing a single source of industry information for your clients.


Key features

Automatic Download

Your website viewers are encouraged to subscribe to your Podcast through an RSS feed. Subscribers can be notified when new Podcasts are ready for download or setup to download automatically to their audio/video device, such as an iPod.

On-demand and Up-to-date

Website viewers can choose to download and listen to Podcasts on-demand, which is an ideal asset to building your websites credibility and longevity. Automatic deletion can be applied to Podcasts so old files are removed from the public site keeping your site relevant and up-to-date.

Flexible Management

Contegro’s® Podcast Module provides a seamless solution for managing hundreds and thousands of audio and video files online. Podcasts are easily categorised and published on your website in a variety of classifications.

Site-wide Searching

The Podcast Module integrates into Contegro’s® site-wide search function. When performing a universal keyword search, Podcasts are included in the results list.

Mainstream Video and Audio Support

Videos in MPEG-4 (H.264 Compression Format) and FLV format will automatically stream on-demand through a Flash Player from your website, optimising cross-browser and platform support.


The Podcast Module will be designed to suit your website. The example shown is indicative only.

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