Seminar Module

Download BrochureThe Contegro® Seminar module will help to organise your business events and generate online automated registrations. By encouraging your website viewers to self-register themselves and their colleagues, your manual sign-up processes can be thrown away!

This module significantly reduces your time spent administering seminars and other related training programmes by capturing attendee details online. The Seminar module lets you create customised online registration forms while an automated email notification process will inform you when a new registration is completed. Create a web page for important seminars highlighting the key note speakers or provide easily accessible background information in downloadable format (MS Word or PDF).


Key Features

Schedule Multiple Seminars

The Seminar module makes managing multiple seminars a breeze by allowing you to run the same seminar on multiple dates or in multiple locations without having to create multiple copies of the seminar information.

Customisable Registration Forms

Contegro® lets you take control of your registrations by providing a customisable registration form, which can be created for each type of seminar, workshop or training event. Specify custom fields and collect the attendee’s information that is relevant to individual seminars, events, workshops or training courses.

Automated Response Service

You and the attendee will receive an automated confirmation of enrolment reducing the work required to complete this process. Contegro® allows you to specify the recipients of registrations enabling you to route new registrations to a predetermined event administrator.

Advanced Registration Reporting

The seminar module offers advanced reporting functionality that provides a customisable view of each individual seminar. The report is easily exported to MS Excel that will enable you to generate mailing lists to simplify the seminar administration process. Filtering options allow you to isolate groups or individual attendees. 

Suitable Applications

  • Event management
  • Seminar and training course registrations
  • Workshops and scheduled demonstrations
  • Scheduled expos and events
  • Conference dates


This Module will be designed to suit your website. The example shown is indicative only.

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