Vehicle Booking Module

The Contegro® Vehicle Booking module has been specifically designed to optimise conversion rates and therefore help increase your sales revenue. This module is incredibly easy to administer, giving you complete control over how you structure rates, terms and add-on sales. It is also an ideal tool to conduct business-to-consumer and business-to-business rental bookings.

Often customers start a booking process without fully researching the full information available to them. With the Contegro® Vehicle Booking module, your customers are taken through a simple step-by-step journey, which shows a visual summary of completed steps at all times. And to reduce customers having ‘second thoughts’ by leaving the booking process to gain more information, a one-click option is integrated to get the full information on their choice, whilst remaining in the booking process.

Among the many ingenious features this module offers to stimulate additional revenue, ‘bundled’ packages are possible and optional ‘up-sell’ items can be added, for example - baby car-seats, roof-racks, BBQ’s and food packages.

All user-friendly features of the Contegro® Vehicle Booking module have been designed purposely to remove the need for the customer to ‘go back and check’ - thereby reducing drop-out rate and allowing you to enjoy increased conversion rates through your website.

Key Features

Referral Appreciation

Your online marketing strategy may include the use of partners referring traffic to your website. This module will recognise referring URL’s and apply preset commissions to reward your partners, thereby actively encouraging them to drive as much traffic your way as they can.

Unique Bookings

An essential way of managing bookings to avoid double-bookings or under booking is to ensure each individual booking generates a unique booking code. Comprehensive and searchable management reports are also available.

Comprehensive Receipt

A well designed and easy-to-follow booking confirmation/receipt is included and gives the customer full confidence that their booking has been successfully completed which reduces cancellations or ‘no-shows’.

Calendar-based Date Selector

When a customer books months in advance, they want to know not only the date, but the day too! The visual calendar-based date picker provides this facility.

Flexible Pricing Matrix

The Contegro® Vehicle Booking module allows you set an almost unlimited range of pricing options for your rental service in combination with dates and duration - allowing you to maximise revenues. For example: Set a higher daily rental price for 1 to 7 days and a lower price for 8+ days, or set highseason and low-season rates.

Ensure Customer Commitment

An optional online credit card payment facility can be enabled at any time to secure a customers’ deposit during their online booking experience to confirm the validity of their bookings.

Fleet Management Software Integration

This Module is intended to complement your existing fleet management solution – not replace it. An additional component of custom development by Contegro’s development team should be budgeted for and would provide a well-rounded integrated solution.

Suitable applications

  • Car, van and campervan rental
  • Boat hire/charters


This Module will be designed to suit your website. The example shown is indicative only.

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