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Whether you're a website designer seeking a dependable Website Content Management System for your projects, or a website owner frustrated with the usability of your current site, Contegro will give you that winning edge!

Designed from the outset to be an intuitive content management tool for marketing professionals, Contegro has been wowing its clients for more than 5 years. Contegro Version 4, our latest version, features a smart yet inspired change – it utilizes a website interface that is familiar to all computer users but is not yet a common feature of Content Management Systems. This familiarity makes editing and managing website content even easier than before.

Contegro empowers designers, not developers, to define the possibilities in website creativity. We're proud of this and we're proud of what Contegro can achieve for you. Take a look at our core features...

Full Feature List
Contegro offers a vast amount of functionality. So to make it easy for you, we’ve outlined the main features that we think will be of interest...more » 

Content Editing
Impressive functionality means you can build, change, re-design and edit entire pages in one go...more »

Site Security
Restrict and customize access for administrators and members from an entire site to single pages for ultimate security....more »

File Management
Managing and adding images, documents, Flash and media files is made simple with Contegro. Control the type and size that can be uploaded. It’s all done with a few simple clicks...more »

Website Interface
We’ve taken the power and inherent usability of the desktop interface and delivered it into the web environment...more »

Multi-site Ability
A single Contegro Interface will manage multiple websites, making life easy for companies with many brands... more »

Website Members
For greater control, Contegro enables you to organize the level of access given to your website members. Access can be completely individualized for every person...more »

Maintaining high standards and reducing errors is made easy with our step-by-step workflow process to ensure quality control...more »

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