Content Editing 

Impressive functionality means you can build, change, re-design and edit entire pages in one go.

At Contegro, our staff are great at multi-tasking. We get lots of tasks done in a short amount of time. When we designed the editor for Version 4, we took this approach. When editing a page, you are not just looking at the content, but an editing 'workspace' showing the all-important; SEO fields, publishing dates, security permissions for website members, controlling workflow or looking at a preview of your hard work. In fact everything you can associate to page editing, you can do in the same workspace. This is effective time management and really does make editing effortless.

The Editing Workspace

  • Multi-tasking – the same workspace can show all areas of Website Content Management
  • Edit multiple pages simultaneously – copying and pasting content between pages is immediate
  • Drag and drop modules – add, remove or drag modules around the page to add functionality
  • View all page attributes – plus... listing details, publishing and revisions at the same time
  • Workflow steps – ensure pages are edited, approved and published by the correct staff
  • Maximize your workspace – Editor and Attributes and Site Tree panels all individually minimize

Rich Text Editor

When it comes to editing written page content, Contegro’s familiar looking rich text editor incorporates standard Microsoft Word features plus additional key functions. You can create professional looking web pages by applying predesigned font styles to ensure that your website is consistent in its design and appearance.


  • Document & page linking – apply links to internal pages, external websites, documents and media
  • Consistency of design & font styles – maintain the design integrity of your site. Use the pre-designed styles created by your Contegro Partner to maintain a professional design throughout the website
  • Insert Images, Documents, Flash and Media - the wizard controls provides seamless integration of files
  • Find & Replace and Spell Checker and Word Count
  • HTML Snippets – select from a library of frequently used content 
  • Familiar formatting controls
    • Page bookmark – jump to sections within a page
    • Undo and Redo
    • Paste from Word – to "clean" code and unwanted HTML tags
    • Symbols
    • Table formatting
    • HTML view – enables advanced editing by working directly with HTML code

Attributes, List Settings, Publishing and Revision

  • Scheduled Publishing – specify when a page is displayed and removed
  • Revision Roll Back – preview and revert to a previous version
  • Revision Trails – view who, when and what changes were made to current and previous versions
  • Optimized for Search Engines – manage all elements for optimum search placement
  • Page Statistics – full integration with Google Analytics. View comprehensive information about each page, including: Created by, Created date, Creator, Modified date, Modified by name, Number of visitors, Date last viewed

Site Tree

  • Drag and drop right-click functionality - provides fluid and adaptable navigation to:
    • create new pages, menu items and user-friendly (SEO Friendly) URL labels
    • copy page
      • Duplicate – copies the content from an existing page
      • Single Source – changing text on one page will be reflected in the other
    • rename page
    • assign permissions
    • apply workflow
  • Restore old pages
  • 301 redirects – Automatic pages created when moving pages from one section to another

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