Full Feature List

Contegro offers a vast amount of functionality. So to make it easy for you, we've outlined the main features that we think will be of interest.

If you’d rather see the features in action, check out the overview and editor videos, or if you have a specific question you can contact us.

Core Modules

  • Banner & rotating banner images
  • Global settings at template level
  • Dynamic category grouping lists - order by filters; date, author, popularity or category
  • Indivdual page listing - one or more pages
  • WYSIWYG rich text word editor
  • Flexible enquiry forms
  • Member login and registration
  • Member profile manager
  • Full text search with category filtering

Navigation and Publishing

  • Split level navigation
  • Unlimited navigation depth
  • Drop-down navigation (horizontal & vertical)
  • Image based navigation
  • Mega menu’s
  • Breadcrumb trails
  • Site-maps (standard list and A-Z)
  • Google site map
  • Friendly URLs
  • RSS feeds

3rd Party Integration

  • Google Tracking (website visitor reporting)
  • Open API for 3rd party integration and module development
  • Email management and distribution
  • DPS payment gateway

Familiar Website Interface  Website Interface

  • Start menu providing quick and easy access to all features
  • Desktop shortcuts for direct access to key features
  • Task Bar for managing Multiple Windows
  • Site selector for switching between websites
  • Quick access to extensive Online Help and Offline Help
  • Notification window for product announcements, workflow queues and items waiting approval
  • Multi-tasking (open and switch between multiple windows)
  • Minimise, maximise and tile workpace windows

Content Editing  Content Editing

  • Rich text editor
  • Spell Checker
  • Find and Replace
  • HTML view and editing
  • Video and Flash support
  • Standard & advanced formatting
  • Consistency of design and style
  • Document, page and external URL linking
  • Undo and Redo
  • Clip board
  • Insert HTML code snippets
  • Table wizard
  • Paste (from Word, plain text, html)
  • HTML style stripper (span, font, Word classes)

Page Management

  • Site-tree with drag-and-drop and right-click functionality
  • Add, delete & restore pages
  • Edit Meta data and optimise for search engines
  • Copy pages (Single Source & Duplicate)
  • Page preview modes
  • Manage 301 Redirects and create SEO friendly URLs
  • Audit trails
  • Landing pages
  • Inline editing
  • Publication Scheduling (time and date)
  • Manage On-page Functionality (with Drag-and-drop capability)
  • Share Tools (Facebook, Twitter etc)
  • Taxonomy (content grouping by Tree and Categories)

Multi-site Ability  Multi-Site Ability

  • Branding freedom and efficiency
  • Create new sites instantly
  • Central management of multiple sites
  • Global Add-on Module installation
  • Independent management of modules, members and administrators
  • Switch between sites within the same interface

Site Security  Site Security

  • Unlimited Administration Groups
  • Customisation of Administrator Group access
  • Flexible account-level access
  • Hierarchical permissions for Site-tree
  • Assign Administrator Access to page level
  • Restrict Word Editor functions by Administrator Groups
  • SSL Encrypted pages
  • Secure login

Member Management  Website Members

  • Member persmissions (limits access to whole websites, pages, site tree levels, individual documents, individual modules)
  • Unlimited member accounts
  • Flexible member grouping
  • Member login reporting
  • Export member list to excel
  • Automated member management
  • Self-registration (with approval process)
  • Self-managing profile manager
  • Secure website login
  • Extendable database (with unlimited additional custom form fields)

File Management  Images, Documents & Media

  • Optimise & resize images
  • Multiple image & document upload
  • Multimedia file support
  • Set permissions on documents
  • Manage file size & type
  • Indexing of documents for search

Workflow and Versioning


  • Two and three person workflow
  • Manage workflow task by administrator groups
  • Site and page level workflow control
  • Workflow approval queue on desktop
  • Customisable notification emails
  • Version control with revision history and roll-back
  • Content locking during editing

Designer Tools

  • Full access to template code, design and create your own files
  • Default styles setup for all templates and modules to get started
  • Full access to all CSS
  • Add, edit and inactvate templates
  • Global settings at template and page levels for banners, lists, custom code and other modules
  • Lock containers & modules
  • Drag-and-drop modules at page level

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