Site Security

Restrict and customize access permissions for administrators and members from an entire site to single pages for ultimate security.


Unlimited Administrative Groups & Flexible Account-Level Access

Administrator Groups and the level of access that each account has can be completely customized to your staff requirements and ability. Add as many Adminstration Groups as you need to. For your convenience, the following default four Administrator Groups are setup with pre-assigned access levels:

  • Developer – reserved for IT Staff and website design partners
  • Administrator – full permission, excluding Designer Tools
  • Publisher – restricted permission with no access to Administration
  • Writer – lowest level of access, suited editing text and images

Hierarchical Permissions for Site Tree

Child (sub) pages and menu items in the site tree will inherit both member and administrator permissions set in the parent page - if required.

Restrict Word Editor Functions

Assign Administrator Access to Page Level. Customize security for individual editing controls for any account level.

SSL Encrypted Pages

Individual pages can be secure by enabling SSL Encryption.

Secure Login

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