Website Interface 

Designed with an interface that's so familiar to web users - it's easy to navigate
and achieve multiple tasks at once.

Contegro has revolutionized the CMS interface by allowing you to open up many tabs at once and simultaneously manage multiple areas of your website. Write your website content, upload an image or document or create content categories.


Desktop Shortcuts

Effective multitasking your content editing, files, categories and website members. Use the desktop icons to access these commonly used management functions or go to the Contegro Start Menu.

Application Windows & Task Bar 

Whenever an application such Content Editing, File Management and Member Management is opened from a Desktop Icon or the Start Menu, a button will appear on the taskbar and an application window will appear in full-screen. Click between tabbed windows simultaneously, without having to close a window. Contegro-Notifications.jpgRight-click to minimize the window of the active tab, shuffle the windows around onscreen to suit yourself and your tasks. 

Notification Window

This key desktop function shows your latest edited pages and pages within your own workflow approval queue, latest product updates, feature releases and training videos. You can open pages from within the notification window directly from the desktop!

Contegro-Help.gifMulti-site Ability

Multi-site ability is available through the site selector. Switch easily between and manage content on your brands or businesses.

Contegro Help

Should you need help along the way, use the Help menu to access Contegro Support resources such as online and offline help guides and training videos.

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