Website Members

For greater control, Contegro enables you to organize the level of access given to your website members. Access can be completely individualized for every person simply by modifying the permissions within the member’s account.


Member Permissions for Anything or Everything!

A member’s permissions limit what they can see and do. Member permissions have the ability to control and limit access for the entire website, individual pages, site tree levels, single documents, or even individual modules on a page.

PermissionsUnlimited Member Accounts & Flexible Member Grouping

To cater for any requirement, an unlimited number of member accounts can belong to an unlimited number of multiple member groups.

Member Login Reporting

This reporting function will track the exact time and day that any member logged in!

Export Member List to Excel

For further assessment, you can create a spreadsheet of your members’ list and export it.

Automated Member Management

  • Self-registration – Members can self register through the sign-up form with automatic approval process (or accounts can be created by an administrator if required
  • Self-managing Profile Manager - Members can login and update their own details
  • Automatic notification – For password generation and email notifications
  • Extendable database – Capture extra member information when the member signs up through the registration form. There is no limit to the number of additional custom form fields
  • Secure Website Login – Includes the following functions:
    • Forgotten Password – An automatic email will send the person their password (if their email address exists within the database)
    • Remember Me – Members only have to enter their login details once

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